SVR Glass Takes On The Samsung’s Gear VR Headset

产品资讯|By Ricardo Trevizo|2015-05-26 00:00


Google reinvented the way the world thought of virtual reality headsets with the unique Google Cardboard. The internet giant’s cardboard-made VR headset, was one of the first times that consumers could actually use to try out the world of virtual reality without the need of spending a great amount of money. Other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung are also trying their hand at VR headsets with the announcement of the HTC Vive, and the release of the Samsung Gear VR respectively. Both of these gadgets had something in common, they separated themselves from Google’s less expensive cardboard headset by using premium manufacturing materials; but also steeply increased their price. Fortunately, smaller companies offer alternatives to these expensive VR headsets without sacrificing the device’s build quality. SnailVR is one of the few companies to have taken into its own hands to challenge Samsung’s Gear VR, with a new virtual reality headset named, SVR Glass.

The Gear VR is sold for $199, whereas the SVR Glass costs less than half of Samsung’s own VR headset, at $50. SnailVR is a chinese-based company, which would lead many people to believe that most of their devices are nothing but a cheap duplicate of a well-known item from a major manufacturer; In this case, contrary to popular opinion the SVR Glass is not mimicking Samsung’s Gear VR in any way, other than the main use of the device (which is virtual reality). The SVR Glass actually improves over numerous issues related to Samsung’s own headset, the most prominent one being expanded support for devices, not only Samsung-made smartphones.

The SVR Glass is made to support devices ranging in size, from 4.7-inches to 6-inches; a spectrum where most phones fall into. In order to use the SVR Glass, only the SVR application is needed, meaning that most smartphone users will have the possibility of buying the new accessible VR headset. The SVR Glass includes a 96-degree viewing angle, with a resolution and quality depending on your own phone; another great feature is the inclusion of adjustable lenses, which promise to satisfy the needs of near-sighted users. While the SVR Glass is a great device, it doesn’t offer the incredible build quality of the Galaxy Gear VR, but that is to be expected with a price that low.